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been away working interesting question. How do I handle this.


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Do family members abuse your talents particularly ones that own a business. Because you are family they call on you when ever they have a problem. They hammer your cell when you are working and are not allowed to answer it. They get pissed when you dont answer or call em back. If they called someone to look at their pc they do not understand people get paid to do this.

Case in point a family member gets locked out of online banking. I cant logon from google, the family member says. He does not know the difference between putting in a website and hiting search on google for his bank web site. I cant tell him that because they will become argumentive. He thinks some dork in a chair locked him out of his acount. This guy locks every person out of their account.

You cant explain that it is because too many failed logons or a simutanious logon. Or they have to clear cookies from the browser and anser the challenge questions. They say why do I need to do that. It should just work. I get the job of calling the bank to fix it. I refused I am not the primary acount holder and told him gfy!!! His wife logged in from a different location at the same time. I tried to explain this to him but he said that is not what happened are you going to talk or listen. See what I have to deal with.

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Well at the end of the day you're the one with a clue and the skills. He's a fucking pleb who should be kissing your ass to get what he needs done.

You could always just tell him to stfu and listen to your advice or he's not going to get jack shit.

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My rules for this are:

1) I'll help when I have time. No chasing or moaning.

2) I'll help as best I can, but if something screws up, I'm not responsible.

3) Friends and family only. I'm not helping friends of friends unless in extreme circumstances.

4) If you don't agree with my advice or explanation, feel free to sort it out yourself however you see fit.

Seems to work well enough.

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My household is sorta the same way. I don't mind helping my grandparents because they're interested in learning how to use the computer. Other people I've assisted in my home just see a problem and tell me to fix it. Here are some things they need to understand:

  • There are some things I can't fix, and is beyond my control.
  • Some things aren't broken, it's just how it works.
  • I am not a miracle worker.
  • I'm not gonna show you how to use BitTorrent.
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Depending upon the situation:

1. If I feel charitable, and I have time, I might likely help you out.

2. If you have a problem that will take up a good amount of my time.....there is a good chance you will likely pay for services rendered.

3. If you start whining, I too will help you out.....which way did you come in?

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