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[Question]Simple-Ducky Question

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I did the install and everything went smooth with no problems. But then when i tried to run the simple-ducky command it said could not find file, so i figured it was because i was in the downloads folder i changed the directory and did it again with the same issue. Has anyone had this happen

I am running it on Ubuntu 12.04

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What version did you install? If you are on version 1.1.1 (current version), then issue these commands....

sudo ln -sf /usr/share/simple-ducky/simple-ducky.sh /usr/bin/simple-ducky

sudo ln -sf /usr/share/simple-ducky/update.sh /usr/bin/simple-ducky-update

Also inside /usr/share/simple-ducky/ there's a file called "install.sh" run that by using...

sudo bash /usr/share/simple-ducky/install.sh

Let me know if this works...


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Ok so i got time to try that and it didnt work, when i did the first line it asked me to enter my PW then after i entered it brought up another line put that in and it brought up a new line then when i entered the third thing, it said that file was not found

It didnt install at all, when i looked at the folder where it is suppose to be, its not there

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If you can't find the script, that's probably because you are using v1.1.0 or prior. With version's prior to 1.1.1 the simple-ducky resides in a different directory. If you are unsure of the version use the install instruction below. It will remove the old ducky install as well install the new version.

Sorry for the delay...


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