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DNS spoofing: address bar


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I've noticed that a lot of DNS spoofing tutorials result with the address bar indicating twitter.com/twitter.com or Facebook.com/facebook.html. How do you customize what's displayed in the address bar in order to make the URL look more legitimate?

I recall seeing several videos where the address bar looked legitimate, even though DNS was clearly spoofed.

I'm currently trying to accomplish this with a Pineapple MK4, but I'd like to know how to circumvent this annoying quirk using Linux as well. I tried modifying various lines in several html and php files without any luck.thanks

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you need to mitm the connection, use something like ettercap, to fake the DNS to point locally to your own web server's IP and DNS records and you can have a domain, like on the local lan, called www.facebook.com and then serve a mirrored/fake page to targets. There is a number of ways to do it. SET or the Social Engineer Toolkit is also one way, but it uses a java attack and site cloner, while serving the page locally from a lan IP. If people are paying attention, they'll see something like the IP of the local subnet, but often people aren't paying attention. There is also DNS cache poisoning, where you control the end users DNS server, like hacking their router to point to your own DNS server, and then you can serve fake pages off your own domain mimicking the look of the real site and harvesting logins. Many ways to skin a cat basically, just depends on how you do it, if you're on the same lan, or attacking externally, phishing with email, etc. You can also sometimes register international domain names with characters, that look like say the real http://WWW.GOOGLE.COM but is in fact like http://WWW.GООGLE.COM where the o is a cryllic О.

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