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This module is designed to make subnetting easier. Need to know how maby hosts are on a network with a subnet mask you have never seen before? Forgot the CIDR notation? Are you trying to do subnetting manually but don't know how to convert Decimal to Binary? Don't know if the exchange server came back online after the power outage? This infusion will help you in all of those situations.

This module can perform 3 (soon to be 4) functions.

The first function is converting IPV4 addresses from binary to decimal For ex if you enter 255 in all four boxes the program will return 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111, This comes in handy if you are lazy.

To use the second function you input a subnet mask for ex and the program will reply with the number of max hosts on that subnet which is 126 and the CIDR which is 25. This is most useful on a pen test if you need to quickly check weather or not a host is in your subnet and you come across some random subnet mask.

The third function is ping, basically I took the script from /pineapple/advanced/ping.php and modified it a bit. This is only here for convince so you don't need to go back and fourth between the infusion and the advanced page.


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Version 1.1 is now available.


Ping has been added or rather stolen from /pineapple/advanced/ping.php
The monstrous title has been replaced by a simple H1 to be more compatible with custom css styles
Subnet Mask info will now tell you how many hosts you can have per subnet

The subnet generator will be in version 1.2.

Tell me what features you want me to add and I will add them.

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If I had a use for this script (or knew what it was for) I would test it out.
Seems like the forum is a bit dead though.

Assuming this scripts works as stated, thank you for the contribution for the community!

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did this infusion renamed networktools an 3.0.0 ? it gets stuck when downloading from pineapple bar at 33.3% :/

Yes it did, I am aware of this issue. It appears to be a server side issue, I have contacted Sebkinne via email and he has yet to respond. I will create a new thread about the infusion once this issue is resolved.

EDIT: I'm a derp and made the tarball wrong, should be up and running in about an hour

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