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[Newb Question] Duck Encoder V2.4 java issue?

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Hey Forum! This my first post and I am really excited even if it is a Newb problem.

Let me enlighten you to my experience level. I bought the duck so I could quack a simple script. I am new to all of this and just picked up my first programming language book ever, C++11. I was thinking the duck would ease my way into this new world of programming. Hopefully you all can help me along in a way I will comprehend.

Heres my problem, it concerns encoding my .txt to an inject.bin. what follows is what I have done.

I downloaded duck encoder v2.4 via the sticky to a windows 7 professional operating system, following hak5 zombies tutorial here


and created my first hello world. it was copied to the same directory as the encoder which for me is C:\users\publicvideos\duckyencoderv2.4 (more or less) then I opened cmd and CD to that directory and i typed Java -jar encoder.jar -i DUCKY.txt --debug (DUCKY.txt is my hello world, and I ran debug after first trying to run it normal.)

I received this

java - jar is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file.

I have java. I am trying to update it but i believe I am in the current version. this is what it looks like when I type in the command java -jar

C:\users\customer\videos\duckencoder_V2.4> Java -jar encoder.jar -i DUCKY.txt

Am I typing this correctly? I have been looking up cmd promt videos to get more familiar with the way it works.

I have looked around the forum but have failed to find an answer. if this ends up being a redundant question I apoligize! Any help or direction would be vastly appreciated!

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You have not got the java SDK/JDK installed: jdk7-downloads-1880260.html. The encoder (uses Java) and ducky-script uses (high level language).

You need Atmel studio if you want to programme the Ducky directly in C/C++ http://www.softpedia.com/get/Science-CAD/Atmel-Studio.shtml use Atmel studio 5.x or 6.0. I have not ported the code over to v6.1 just yet, when I tested 6.1 earlier this year - it broke my codebase and development environment - as there are class changes.

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Just because you have Java installed and it works in your browser does't mean it is in your %PATH%. You need to check your environment variables to make sure that %PATH% contains the directory where the Java binaries are actually installed.

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