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Pinapple and meterpreter

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Hi guys

Ive been out the game a long while and upon my return amazed at the leaps and bounds the...... pen test.... scene has made, backtrack/kali, pinapple and the amazing metasploit.

This may be a noob question but I havent scene anything relatent to it, please dont flame me if its been asked or is obvious.

So I was wondering if it was possible to get pinapple to redirect to an exploited page with reverse_tcp payload to bang out a meterpreter connection (I think this will be easist to work out when my pinapple arrives). The meterpreter connection leads back to my home machine with port forwarding set up on router etc. Then a script would run automatically for every session escalating privilege and creating a persistant back door in the system.

This could be noob and sorry if it is.

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