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Hacking the network's DVR system


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Hey everyone. First post here, so go easy on me.

So there's a DVR system on a network. And they've got around 4 cameras up and running.

I know the private LAN IP address of the DVR, but to be able to remotely monitor/audit the DVR's components, I need to be able to grasp the public IP of the DVR. Now my questions:

1.) Can anyone experienced, tell me how to access the DVR component's options such as video files stored, camera control OVER THE PUBLIC IP?

2.) HOW do I even grab the public IP of the dvr in the first place?

Thanks. Peace. \/

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First question, why are you doing this, who is it for and do you have permission?

Second, do you know if the cameras are accessible over the internet? If set up correctly they probably shouldn't have external IP addresses. If they aren't externally facing then the simple answer is, you can't get directly at them.

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