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Powerline connection adapters, USB?


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Yet another question for you guys, thank you for answering my previous ones! :)

So, it's sort of in relation to one of my questions, but also for personal use as well.

I know of ethernet powerline adapters that I've personally used, however I'm looking for something that I've currently found nothing on so far.
I'm after a USB solution, as a possible alternative for one of my questions, which is to do with connections.

I basically have a Galaxy S3 that my girlfriend uses to tether, but where she is in her house, the signal is a bit flakey, so I was thinking of using a USB network solution so she can leave her phone somewhere so she can tether via USB.

Is there something out there that will meet my needs, or will I need something a little more than a few adapters?

Thanks! :)

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