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Stop someone from closing programs


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Hey guys, got a bit of a problem with a family member accessing a PC they're not supposed to go on.

My daughter keeps accessing my girlfriends PC every time she's at work, we can't lock the PC as we usually leave TeamViewer and dropbox running as a method to send stuff back an forth, it's my own personal method of backing up files and moving them to the home server.

However, the problem is that, when my daughter goes on the PC, she closes out of TeamViewer, Skype etc and I lose complete access, I can't restart the programs as she seems to close everything.

Remote Desktop gets closed as well, she seems to know what shes doing, so what I'm after is a way to stop them from changing anything without the administrive password, at least on certain programs.

Is there a way to do that, or at least restart the programs that get closed? Ideally it would be a program that can't be closed via the system tray and it runs in the background, in the processes list.

I haven't found anything like that yet, or at least something that doesn't seem to be questionable.

Is there any methods out there that people use, maybe not due to the same circumstances, but in the event that a program crashes?
Again it would need to be something that can't be closed itself via the system tray, she hasn't learned how to use the task manager... yet, so there's still hope at least for now :)

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Change user password of account, then lock the screen, and use RDP. If she doesn't know the password, she can't get back in. RDP sessions can reboot to a locked screen and still let you remote in and dropbox should work if you allow it through the firewall. TeamViewer stops working if you lock the screen or has a UAC pop up come up, so you thats always a bitch to work around anyway. RDP is SSL encrypted, and you could also use a VPN to get into the box, and THEN use RDP, while the screen is locked at home, you still see the desktop via RDP.

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If your programming skills are up to par, you may be able to write a little program that runs as a service and just watches for the team viewer process to be shutoff. Once it's detected, it will relaunch the application. Then log in a text file that the app was relaunched. This way, you can maintain access AND you will know if she's tried to turn it off. Beware however, that such a program might cause your anti-virus to scream since many malware programs have used that method to keep processes going.

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*edit/update* okay so I've finally figured out how they're throwing TightVNC off, it never dawned on me until now that she was turning the modem off which seems to like changing the IP each time.
I've personally used a DNS link for a TS server, but I had to update the IP manually every time the net went off or the modem was restarted.

Is there a program of some sort that someone knows of, that would automatically update the IP in TightVNC?

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noip.com does look like it will sort out the dynamic IP issue. That's the problem with your IP changing all the time, you're on a dynamic IP setup with your ISP. With some ISPs you can pay a bit extra and get static IPs.

Only other way I can think of to stop programs being closed etc is having a locked down setup using local group policies. I don't believe gpedit is included in Windows 7 home though (if that's the version you use).

I use LogMeIn over TeamViewer. I've only used TeamViewer on the odd occasion at work with customers. As it's easier to talk them through setting it up to allow me to connect than setting up LogMeIn. LogMeIn works from a locked RDP screen as well (although sometimes on first boot the service will fail to start until you've logged in).

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