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Why some web sites does not have log in page ?

Skorpinok Rover

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Why is that some websites like local news does not have a log in page ? then how site administartor will log in to edit changes to his site?

seen this in some asp.net, any ideas?



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1, you don't know where their CMS page is, which could be on a completely different sub domain or server, or 2, they do so remotely via SCP, SSH, etc, or 3, corporate networks running on a domain, internal machines they login to, don't share same external IP as what you visit, so the portal, may only be on the LAN side, and not the WAN side, which is what you see.

If you can determine the CMS they use, if any, you can usually deduce the login page, which could also, be running on an alternate port than 80 and 443. For example, I have devices, that you can only configure on alternate ports, while the data shows up on the webside like a normal web page.

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