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What is the payload Windows Bind Shell and how does it work?


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One of the metasploit payloads (#4) is called Windows Bind Shell and the description says that it will "Execute payload and create an accepting port on remote system." but in practice how does it work? I tried executing it against a windows XP VM and when I ran the exploit nothing happened, I scanned the machine and there were no new ports open. Does anybody know how to put this exploit into practice?


Thanks, any help appreciated!

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See picture above, read description. Executing an exploit, does not mean it actually worked, or you would get a session on the other box to interact with.

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That payload is to only open a port on the system you want to get in. You send that file to the Windows xp machine, in this case, and then you run it locally (inside of the windows xp machine) After that, scan the machine with nmap, you'll see that there will be a new port opened on the windows XP machine. That port will now be accepting a remote session from your metasploid, that you will have to manually activate.

That's pretty much what it does.

Best Regards

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