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Best wifi options for range


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Hey guys, I'm currently looking into helping out my girlfriend, her ISP in the area isn't as good as what I get where I am.
We're not miles apart, we live fairly close, about 4 to 5 streets apart and I was looking into getting her something so she was able to connect to my router.

From the roof we have a pretty good clear sight to each others place, however this may not be an option.

I looked into this before but as far as WiFi goes, it's out of my depth as I'm an ethernet kind of guy :P

What would be the best option to go for in terms of getting a reasonable connection so she can access the internet?

I would say we have a budget so the cheapest most viable option would be best, we do gaming as well, I'm not sure if a phone signal would be worse, but we used to game with her using her Galaxy S3 and tethering it.
I would assume connecting to my router would be a better option as the nearest tower is much further away from us. - correct me if I'm wrong! :)

Preferably, it would need to be the best indoor option we could go for, either USB or PCIe if at all possible.

Thanks! :)

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Probably be cheaper, to just look into switching to the same ISP as you, or upgrading her modem if its an older Docsis 1 or 2 model, or ISP provided piece of shit that her family has had for a number of years.

If she's on DSL, well, that should still be quick enough for online gaming in most cases.

What kind of connection is her ISP? Dialup, DSL, Cable? Because DSL is usually pretty cheap these days with decent download speeds(in my area its like $15/mo for DSL), good enough for gaming in most cases. If she's on cable, find out what kind of modem she has, and if her ISP allows Docsis 3 modems. If her ISP allows channel bonding via a new Docsis 3 modem, which will speed up her network tremendously with 4 channels down and 2 up usually, that could fix everything right there. Often people forget the simple things, like upgrading the modem, when they've have the same crappy one for the past 10 years, it can make all the difference.

Other things to look into, the router itself and if its just outdated, as well as her ethernet cables, and always game over wired. Wireless sucks ass at home for gaming to begin with, so across 5 houses away, don't expect anything better than her tethering. At least, not short of going all out, buying several high end wifi routers(802.11ac comes to mind, and they aren't cheap routers), antennas, weather proofing everything and then bridging her house to your network.

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As of right now she's unable to change her ISP, she's living at home but we're looking to move in together somewhere else sometime next year.
She pays for the connection but can't spare anything else right now, so I'm basically trying to help out.

We used an Alfa USB adapter before, but we've so far managed to get 2 bars, but that's on the best conditions and it dropped quite often, so we're not too far from each other despite being a few streets away.

While I personally don't have a budget for some high end equipment, I believe I could manage something that would at least let us play games together, such as Torchight II, Borderlands 2 etc

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