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Data Execution Prevention


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So I was sitting infront of my computer getting ready to watch hak5. When I clicked on the episode Real Player openned up, froze, and shut down with a message allong the lines of:

Data Execution Prevention

Microsoft Data Execution Prevention has prevented you

from running this file to help prevent against viruses

Or at least something very close.

Okay, so my question is: Is there a way to Completely turn off the DEP "feature" because it is really statring to cause problems.

Thanks, Loki

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right click my computer->properties->adanced->performance-> settings->Data Execution Protection->ensure it's set to "Turn on DEP for essential windows programs and services only"

that should mean it won't run on things like real player.

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It still doesn't work, I really don't understand whats going on, it just started reciently, so.............any more suggestions?

Olay, so I tried the control panel fix and that didn't work, I switched media players and that didn't work, so does anyone have any more suggestions,

All help is greatly appreciated.

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