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Packet routing


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Ok so i have been reading and reading but i am unable to figure out the correct terminology for what i want to do. I would like to be able to have another host OS handling the packets, Basically mounting a vbox bridged to the ethernet connection and then use the wlan0 br-lan radio0 on the the os running in the vbox not have the process running on the pineapple but i am unable to get anything working. Can someone please point me toward the information i am looking for

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If I am following you right, since I don't see your topology drawn out, or know exactly what it is you are trying to do, in vbox and VMware, unless using a USB wifi device, you can't pass wifi from the host machine to the VM, other than connectivity to the internet per say.

Now if you pass the pineapple directly to the VM over USB, the host doesn't need to do any work nor will it see the Pineapple. The VM becomes the one that logs into the pineapple's interface, you just treat the bridged VM as another machine on the lan, and port forward to that machines IP from your main router, if you need internet connectivity as well, and then bridge from the VM pineapple USB to the VM's eth0 to get out to the internet from the VM.

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