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Anyone know how to shutdown Windows Firewall remotely?


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You have to create a session.

The easiest way is to pop open windows explorer, throw the remote IP in the address bar and when the windows logon, logon with the remote admins credentials.

The long way is using net session.

Im not on a network so I dont remember what it is off hand.

Pull up net session /? in console and go from there.

Trial and error never hurt anyone.

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lol! actually i can think of many people it HAS hurt.

But anyways, you have the domain Administrators password and your trying to shutdown windows xp SP2 firewall on the domain?Why cant you logon as the Administrator and then type it...you should not need to validate yourself then. But i may be mistaken.

Your best bet is to open up command prompt and type tracert to find the ip addy of the 'server' then use the command pseudo told you.

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In some cases you know the domain admin credentials, however, you do not do everyday activities with this account. It's bad practice, just like in linux you dont run as super user all the time.

That is why there is a runas command in windows.

Well, trial and error never hurts when you have a good backup system. =)

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oh yeah!

Enter command prompt, type Runas /? for help.

Runas will allow you to login to another user, which in this case would be highly usefull.

i belive the command runas USERNAME will allow you to type in the password, and you will be all set.

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