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Funniest Hack you have Pulled Off


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I'll start. Remember back when Cable started offering internet. Security was criminal. I would open network neighborhood and see half the computers in the city listed. Sure I browsed shares. There were ad hoc "warez" networks going on.

Well, one night I was browsing a shared c drive and profiled the users. It seemed to be used by a male college guy and his 13yr old sister. He was a perv too as he would take lots of pics of her friends in swim suits.

I was going through their homework and read a report from the girl about missing her dead granpa.

What I did was mean as shit but I top out in the grey hat spectrum. I mounted their shared printer and printed nighty messages posing as the dead grandfather trapped it some purgetory. "help me booba! It's so cold in here!. I got the personal knicknamesfrom the stuff I read. They were some kind of ultra supersticious Eastern Orthodox family and left responses in a special directory.

I finally began to disgust myself so I played some storyline about a demon chasing me and finally stopping abruptly. At least my friends had some fun reading the saga.

God I'm disturbed.

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./me lifts his jaw off the floor

That's pretty crazy! If he's talking about the mid to late 90's, I doubt the statute of limitations on whatever he could be charged with would go back that far. I'm pretty sure only things like rape and murder can come back to bite you from THAT long ago....

But I'm neither a lawyer or a violent criminal so I could always be dead wrong...

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And now you have documented it on the internet. Congratulations, you lack common sense on multiple levels.

What are you talking about?!?!?!?! What's wrong with posting criminal activity online? I mean, I regularly fess up to felonies all the time. It's not like law enforcement ever reads this stuff... ... ...


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funniest hack?....dunno bout funny but it was useful...

a friend had a compaq laptop that they had given up on. (not computer savvy at all)

i enquired what was wrong with it....apparently it had been "hacked" and now they had no longer any use for it....(i know right)

i enquired further and they explained that their login had been compromised and they had been locked out of their account.

they had been so frustrated and pissed off that they had decided to simply throw money at the problem and buy a new one.


so i got it home and fired up my offline nt password cd....got access back...wiped the drive and got my self a nice compaq laptop to fux about with.

some people....

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Funniest hack I did, was somewhat a Goatsee to someones site, only of the female persuasion, and then shortly after, they took their site down, so while I got a laugh out of it for a few days, I gather they didn't share my humor. Their radio feed still works though. Go figure...instead of getting mad, they should fixxer that shit..

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Guest spazi

not sure if it's the funniest, but I sure had a good laugh.
Was hacking this website and tried searching for some way to hack it.

Eventually I stumbled (really stumbled) upon a backup of the entire website located in a public folder where all the images of the website were stored.

Username, password you name it. Everything was there, even the owners email, which used the same password as well.
I think I logged into almost every account the victim had, hotmail, dropbox, twitter etc.

I laughed a lot that day.

Reported it, and the person now has several passwords. Still hasn't fixed the security issues on the website, but oh well...

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Tied between two:

A long while back me and my buddy rick rolled some lady on her computer eating at Subway, it was dead silent and all you heard was "never gonna give you up" we had to leave we where laughing so hard. It is not much accomplishment now but it was our first "hack".

One time when i first got my pineapple and the only thing i really knew how to do was deauth, I was at the airport and some guy sits next to me and whips out his laptop, I had already had my pineapple running in my backpack so i started deauthing and i looked at his screen and he kept getting the chrome no connection screen, so he gets up with his laptop and starts walking around (probably to get a better signal) and i got up and followed him all around the airport. The guy was cussing out loud it was so funny.

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I do not hack things that I do not own or do not have permission to do so...

But, a friend of a friend of a sisters roommate pulled a mitm inside a local Panera (He said it was ettercap and sslstrip or something I do not understand because I have never participated in such tom foolery) and pulled a (with a spoofed IP and mac) Facebook cookie. What else he did is absolutely deplorable and I would never be involved nor condone such behavior... but he changed the profile status to, "I love hot, young, Cuban children" and changed his pic to the "Surprise Van" from 'It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia'.

Disgusting ... :)

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