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OSX Command key combinations?

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Is there any way to use Mac OSX command-key combinations? (I've looked but I'm new here so may have missed something)

There's a lot that you could do with a few command-key combinations for OSX.

Command-Shift-G = brings up a dialogue where you can type any path and the finder will go there.

In Mail, Command-N and Command-Shift-D = create a new email and send it.

Command-Q could be fun too. I mean 'useful' For that matter: 'Command-Option-Shift-Escape' held for a few seconds force-quits the front-most application (can you hold a key down over time w/ ducky?)

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Command-<key> should be implemented in the later encoders.

the multiple keys presses (three+ keys) will likely require more research and work for support in ducky script.

The multiple key presses and holding a key down are easier to implement in the C-based firmware, as Fox Mulder said "source-is-out-there". Compared to the current version of Ducky-script. The downside of the C-based firmware is Atmel studio is Windows based. It might be possible to compile with avrdude; but I have not tried.


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