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Will my employer know if I boot my PC into linux from a usb stick?


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I would like to use my work computer to boot into Ubuntu from a usb stick so I can work on some ruby scripts when I'm not busy. The PC is normally connected via ethernet to the lan, but unplugging it has never caused any issues(IT won't call). Would there be any trace of me booting from a usb stick if the network cable is unplugged before doing so? I would then boot back into windows and plug the ethernet cable back in. I'm concerned that there may be log of the usb stick being mounted.

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If not on the network, the I would say no. They shouldn't be able to see it if not on the network. If on the network, then yes, since the OS would show up on the lan. Especially if when it boots, it tries to automatically get an IP over DHCP, but if unconnected, I really don't see a way other than them preventing booting off USB in the bios, which won't log, but just prevent booting off the USB.

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