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TLink WR703n - Mounting USB as root


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Hey all,

I'm looking to see if anyone can help me with configuring the tplink wr703n.

I already own a few generations of pineapples, and saw the wr703n can be used to run as a pineapple as well given both are effectively OpenWrt installations.

I used the guide that is found on the link (here=> http://penturalabs.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/blue-for-the-pineapple/) but have run into some issues with setting up my USB as the root.

This device has some nice specs, but the space on it isn't great. From my reading it appears that with OpenWRT AA, you can configure the USB to be the root where all the files are stored. This is where I'm having some trouble because the explanation seems a bit confusing.

Can someone help me understand this? In short, I have a a Sandisk USB stick (like the one sold on the hakshop) and want to set it up to install the packages on. The device is already partitioned into a swap and storage partition and is formatted using ext4.

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Will it mount at all? I to have the same access point and I had to install some packages to make it detect storage devices.

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I have made some progress. I got the usb drive to be set up as the root partition.

I'll be drafting up my notes this week and posting. Took some trial an error, but so far all seems to work OK.

Next i'll be extracting the file system from the pineapple firmware using binwalk.

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