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I'm looking for someone to give me a hour class on how to run the infusions on my pineapple IV though a video chat, and i'm willing to pay by the hour. you give me your rate. i need help getting my phishing files to work, and i need help getting the keylogger to capture data. i can do paypal, wu, or etc. please contact me a wrussprince@yahoo.com if you can help me out. fyi- i'm running a macbook pro os x version 10.7.5, i do have a pc which i can use as well-windows 7.

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Try looking / asking in here, but don't double post question yet, get mod to move for you: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/forum/75-pineapple-infusions/

how to run the infusions

A mod should move this over to the Pineapple section maybe, might get more takers or they could soft link it in the other thread(s) for you? Normally we don't like the same question asked in more than one forum section, but in your case, I think you'd get a lot more help from that section of the forums since thats where the heavy pineapple users hang out, and share mods, tricks, and tips, which I think some of your questions, may have already been asked, and you should search through that section


of the hak5 forums for the same topics. Don't double post, but contact one of the mods to move the post for you, might get your help quicker...

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