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pineapple iv crashed

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I bought a wifi pineapple a few month ago, and played around with it for a couple of weeks. Then I got busy working on another project and never booted up the pineapple until last night. After hocking an ethernet cable to the back of the pineapple i was able to connect to http://cloud.wifipineapple.com to upgrade the system.

i cut everything off on the pineapple, and then started the upgrade. everything started off pretty slow, but then the landing page popped up that shows a download/upgrade was in progress. then a error message came up, and pineapple system locked up. I then (X) out of the page after a hour and i tried to reconnect to pineapple control center, it wouldn't reconnect. I have tried to flash the system through ssh, but when i try to connect back with the pineapple with winscp-it couldn't find the pineapple.

Can i trade it in on a new one, is there a way to flash the unit with out connecting through a serial connection, can i mail it back and pay to have someone flash the unit for me, or etc. I would be thankful for any help with this matter.
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