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Shutdown/DoS target router/mac adress


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Here's what I want to do:

Let's say there is a SSID named Target

I would like to shutdown the SSID Target and create a fake AP called Target with the wifi pineapple. Like that the user will only see my SSID and not the real want (The real want will be shutdown/ddos)

But, what tool can I use on the wifi pineapple to shutdown the Target AP?

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Research aireplay-ng and specifically the -0 option. Thats the most common tool for deauthing.


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I played a lot with the jammer modules and with airecrack. Unfortunately this is far from what I was excepting.

Jammer modules & Airecrack problem:

1. Only ''Deauth'' the specific target. We can still see the SSID but can't connect to it.

2. It's doesn't work for everybody. For example I was able to connect to the SSID but my assistant was deauthed

3. With airecrack I am only able to deauth one mac adress and not the entire network.

So I was thinking about maybe something like DoS? Or am I using the jammer modules wrongly?

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Checkout airdrop-ng. Theres a hak5 episode about it that explains it well. That might be more of what you're looking for


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