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Wiredless USB adapter - the alfa


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After seing the show a few times, am after getting my hands on one of the alfa adapters, but im a bit confused. the show i saw had a grey USB adapter and a yagi antenna playing in linux. but when i go looking for this on amazon there are a few, there is the AWUS036H which is only a b/g and the newer AWUS036NH which is b/g/n

But, heres the issue, although the older one will work and seems to have great reviews and was used by Darren, the newer one has N but has lousy reviews as well as some good.

So should i get the older one and know it works or risk the newer?

the newer one listed driver issues as a negative, but im not afraid of a bit of command line to get it going (thats the fun) but if it doesnt work at all thats different.

anyone got a view on which model?

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