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remote desktop and program settings


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I am trying to setup a server 2003, and on it is a program that has a setting for which voice port it should use for a clients station. Usally the program is installed on seperate computers instead of a shared server.

But from the start a user logs into the server via remote desktop. Then they start our dialer program which has a setting to which tells our phone system what station and voice port to call. My issue is when we log two users on at the same time it changes the voice port setting to what it was switched to last for all users. My question is if there was a program or a way to seperate files and settings between multiple users using remote desktop on the same server. Some kind of virtual enviorment or maybe a setting in server 2003 that I am not aware of.

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When you install software on a Terminal server you typically need to go into control panel and add remove programs and choose the install program option. This temporarily puts the server in "install mode", and records the registry and file locations for the program and then switches back to "user mode". Hopefully now when users run the program the server maps the process for that user to their registry and user profile directory.

This is not foolproof though, programs that use non standard data directories or try to use the program files directory for settings will likely not work. But by your description though it sounds like it is writing to a user writable directory, so unless it has made permissions changes on install it will probably sort it self out with an uninstall and reinstall in "install mode"

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