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Google always knows my location, no matter what.


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I have been having this problem with Google, It ALWAYS knows my location. Even under the most strict conditions I cannot seem to hide from them. Here are my current settings:

VPN enabled - AirVpn Amsterdam
OpenDNS configured
Cookies and cache cleared
Location awareness disabled in Firefox and OSX*
Wired ethernet connection, wifi disabled
Flash disabled
Javascript disabled
Cookies disabled
Java Disabled

Furthermore, if I use Tor Browser but disable Tor using Torbutton Google knows my location. Only Tor has the ability to block them it seems. I have tested for DNS leaks and find none. I find this incredibly invasive and want to block them but cannot seem to find a way. Does anyone have any suggestions

*I know, I know, but I need it for work.

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You use anything with IPv6? By the way, Google can do GeoIP lookups. If you are using a VPN service, they should see your IP location from the VPN's location.

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I thought IPv6 was disabled and discovered that somehow it got turned back on. I changed it to link-local only and it seems to have fixed the problem. I have now started doing more reaserch on IPv6 is there some kind of security bug (a.k.a. feature) that gives up my location?

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Depends on the OS, but I have IPv6 disabled in my OS.

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