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[Question] dumping hashes on windows

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Hello Forums,

i've thinking a lot on how to get windows hashes with the rubberducky (or teensy) really easy by simply plugging in the ducky (or teensy). i've came around this blog:


but, here is the issue: it does not work with german os'es or french os'es or something.

i have the following issues in my head which i want to discuss:

first, i would like to convert the ps script to the rubber-ducky language, i assume rubber duck cannot handle ps.

second, i would like to build a complete offline-version, without using gmail, tinypost or something.

in fact, i just want to plug in the rubberducky and store the hashes, but, where? without using a online-connection to somewhere.

other question is, is there something around to do this? i've seen the poll for the password-stealer, but i'm not sure if there is any work on this project right now.

ok, here is the final question:

how would you do hash-dumping with rubber-ducky?

haven fun

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Sounds like a cool activity. What kinds of hashes are you going to be collecting? I know that we already have a SAM collecting payload. We also have a few payloads developed for some of the Nirsoft password recovery tools, those however are easily shot down by antivirus.

I think I can see how they made the command prompt appear small like that, will be updating hide command window script soon.

cmd /K \"mode con:COLS=15 LINES=1"

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