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Wifi Pineapple Public Internet: Error connecting


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I have not been able to get the pineapple to receive internet. I dont know what I am doing wrong but I have tried setting the pineapple up with backtrack 5, Mac OS X mountain lion and my windows 7 laptop and every time I can get to the interface I have my wifi working properly and sharing turned on but when I click Reveal Public IP on the status page I always get error connecting. Does anyone know why this would be?

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i made this mistake before... When using wp4.sh make sure that the default settings displayed are actually the settings you should be using. for some reason on my ubuntu build, the wireless interface (in my case, the internet was being routed from my wireless card to the ethernet jack) is bound to eth0, NOT wlan0. Check your ip addresses and interfaces before running wp4.sh.

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I am pretty sure ubuntu doesn't bind wireless with eth, I could be wrong. Slow down in reading the wp4.sh prompts and enter the correct iface as needed. Also network managers take over in a mean way when the pineapple is rebooted or cables are unplugged. I turn off all automatic network manager options.

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