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USB 802.11a/n 5ghz drivers


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I am working an R&D project for the navy. I need to attach 6 USB 802.11a adapters to a single linux laptop running Ubuntu. The devices have to do the following from the command line:

1) work in Ad-hoc mode

2) have removable antenna

3) Must be able to change frequencies manually

4) must be able to get RSSI value

5) must work at the 5 ghz 802.11a range

I have bought the following devices Alfa and Roswell



I installed the drivers under ubuntu but they both dont work under adhoc mode.

They both do work fine under mac and windows but I gotta run them under Linux.

Does anyone know of any adapters that will meet the requirements I listed above?

Basically what I need is a madwifi driver that will work on usb devices.



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if you want help with this you need to give details on exactly what youre doing and what is and is not working. which version of ubuntu are you using and which kernel? did you install the latest compat-drivers for your wireless cards chipsets? forget about madwifi drivers, that has nothing to do with your newer ralink chipsets. that is an older atheros chipset thing. how exactly are you trying to put the wireless adapters into ad-hoc (ibss) mode? are you manually configuring the settings with iw? if you have the proper drivers for your cards installed and the latest iw version you should be able to iw list in the terminal and it will list the supported interface modes and commands for your cards. you can then configure all the settings using iw.

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