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OSX infusions/modules installation

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I am running mountain lion on a Macbook pro and I am connection the Mark IV though my ethernet port. I have read conflicting information on which port to use. I am able to get to the Mark IV through POE port. I was able to connect to the Mark IV with my IPhone and surf though my macbook question.

When I log into the Mark IV it will not let me ad any infusions.

I get the following error "Error connecting!

Please make sure you have an internet connection.


When I click on the link

" List available Infusions (aka modules)

Warning: This will establish a connection to cloud.wifipineapple.com."

I would get the same error when i tried to upgrade the firmware link. I downloaded the firmware directly and was able to upgrade to 2.8.1 but no joy on the infusions.

I am running the Mark IV on my mac only and I am not using back track 5 vm.

Please help.

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Nice video. I wish more folks would do that... The screen shot of your pineapple control center page shows your problem. The LAN port on the pineapple. There are two ethernet ports on the pineapple. One is set to and the other is set to draw an IP address via DHCP from whatever you plug it into. So when you set the IP of your Macs NIC card address manually to and hook the cable up you can get to the control page but that's it.

Separate what you're trying to do into two different things.

If you want to be able to update the pineapple and install infusions plug an ethernet cable directly from your router into the WAN/LAN port. It will then draw an IP address from your router and "be on the internet". Use your Macbook to logon to the Pineapples broadcast SSID I believe you used Hackme. When you see the control page you'll see in the upper right an IP address in the WAN/LAN section. Make sure you install the Network Manager infusion to the Pineapple.

This post will tell you how to do Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the Mac and will also explain why the configuration you are using now does not work. (You're using the wrong eth port for ICS and Mac ICS uses a specific IP address range...)



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Thanks for your help. I have been partially successful. I was able to plug my pineapple using the wan port directly into my router and was able to download and install infusions and modules.

I then plugged the pineapple using the lan port into my mac. ICS has been flakey. The the ethernet port would not take an ip adress from the gui so i had to assign it in terminal using ifconfig. I still could not install infusions through the mac ics . I suspect that because the system is double nated

it wont work. Any thoughts?

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Whichever port it was that worked on your router is the one using DHCP. That same port is the one you need to use to plug into your Mac for ICS. It will then draw an IP address from your Mac in the range of 192.168.2.X. Again, logon to the Pineapples SSID with another device and you can verify what that IP address really is because it will be in that Red Box I highlighted in the picture. If you then wish to share the internet that the pineapple is recieveing from your Mac with other people who logon to your Pineapple's SSID, you'll need to turn on ICS inside the Pineapple using the Network Manager infusion. Keep in mind if you reboot the pineapple you'll need to set that ICS up again. In this instance there are two different forms of ICS. One for Mac and one for the Pineapple...

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