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Join wlan1 to WPA network

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I'm either missing something fundamentally simple or I've lost my mind, but here goes.

Got my pineapple today and have successfully got it up and running on 2.8.1 without any hitches. The thing is, I just can't get it to join my WPA wireless network using an ALFA AWUS036NH. I can see that its there using ifconfig and iwconfig but I can't see how to join it to the network.

What am I missing? Surely it can't be that difficult?



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Well, to join WPA network you'll need to either use Network Manager infusion or use wpa_supplicant. If you don't know what wpa_supplicant u can do a search on the forums. A few people have wrote helpful scripts to automate the process. But on 2.8.1 Network Manager should work perfectly for u.

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