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Help getting into Hak5


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I would recommend that you start reading up on some of the fundamentals in the space of:

* HTTP protocol

* Network terminology (for wired and non-wired connections)

* Get familiar with topics in security... OWASP can help cover items specifically for application security

The above will get your feet wet in various areas, but really the direction we, the community, can provide depends on what you are looking to get out of it.

Provide some more background and we can point you to the correct direction.


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90% of most computer stuff is still over my head. Don't let that be a deterrent from following along or watching. After a while, it just sort of sinks in, like osmosis.

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I have been a member of H5 for around a hear... +/- . Before here, I was a long time member of spiceworks (great place, just a little dry). This forum has allowed me to mature as a security minded network admin. Passion is all that you need.

PM me for some great reading material :) HEURISTIC FREE

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