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newbie here OSX problems conneting to wifi pineapple. Please help.

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Ok I have read OSX instructions and tried to apply doesnt do any thing for me. I installed a virtual machine. Then installed Umbuntu and backtrack to the machine. When I go to put the command lines from the book it says the file does not exist or resolved wifi Pineapple. I dont like the idea of changing settings to the pineapple but I will to try to get it to work. How do I change the setting to the wifi pineapple I see the script for nano net wifi. But where do I put it. If I am suppose to put it in the command lines in Umbuntu. How do I enter it excatly in like the book says without pushing enter am i suppose to push tab or space bar to achieve the same line as the book. Very confused been trying to make this work for a solid week somebody please help poor newbie out.

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Some friendly advice and a few tips... You've posted twice on the same topic one day apart, please don't. We saw it the first time and, of those who read it, few chose to respond. There aren't that many of us who use OSX with the pineapple and probably only a subset of them read the forum each day.

There is a ReadMe post pinned to the top of the MarkIV forum called Collection of Important posts, the second one down in that thread describes how to ask for help in the forum. It's there so that you give us the right information to work from... For example, you say you're using OSX but you go on to indicate you're using virtual machines with Linux installed. So which is it? Are you trying to connect your pineapple to OSX or to the VMs? That alone will significantly change the responses you get. Which version of the firmware is your pineapple running? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? I've been working with the pineapple for a while now and I still consider myself a noob... No offense but you seem to be a noob to computing... you may not be but it's hard to know where to start trying to help from your posts. You might try searching the forums for key words like OSX and researching to see if others have the same problem as you... If for example you are trying to turn on Internet Connection Sharing with the OSX operating system you might search OSX, ICS/Internet Connection Sharing together. The link below will tell you how to do ICS with OSX without changing any settings on the pineapple.


I'll be honest a lot of this stuff you're going to have to learn and teach yourself... Good luck and welcome to the fun!

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I'll be honest a lot of this stuff you're going to have to learn and teach yourself... Good luck and welcome to the fun!

Well put thesugarat!

And while that may be frustrating and a big turn off for some, its the best feeling in the world when you figure it out for yourself by piecing it all together! Hack on!


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