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[Question] What makes a ducky... a ducky?

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Actually a microprocessor, It has a small processor (tiny really), and a tiny amount of memory. There isnt a full blown OS like iOS or Android, merely a C program that gives it the instructions to perform.

If you wanted an iPod to act like a ducky, you would have to hack the firmware.

What the ducky is .... a re-programmable USB device with an sdcard for external expandable memory.

Therefore it could be a keyboard, mouse, mass storage or a combination, all limited by the processing and memory capabilities of the current hardware.

Its a hackable device, and the possibilities are out there!

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to make an older "version 1" ducky, with an additional sdcard adapter and header pins, some soldering required = yes.

for a "version 2" ducky, I am afraid your going to have to buy one from the hak shop, as its a bespoke product.

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hopefully, the next batch should be cheaper and more affordable...

you could build a version 1 - its just lacking ducky script and the current firmware mods.

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I don't have a ducky because I already had a Teensy++ 2.0 from before. If you don't mind writing all your scripts in C, then you're fine. The selling point is very much the fact that it is so simple to script for. Writing out longer scripts in C takes ages.. -.-

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