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i need help getting through this proxie setup


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Ok i have done some more digging into my schools network and before we start i am friends with my I.T guy at my school he knows that i like to test the system and he accepts that but he will not unblock

stuff cause its his job so i am safe :D

But here is how it works it is more like a jail the firewall blocks every port but port -80- -21- And i am not sure about -443-

There is a filter on the proxie that is a white list same one is used in every Australian school i am pretty sure

and the school blocks connections via I,P so i have to find a free domain website that is white listed that i can use with my home i.p other wise using a ssh tunnel will not work.

I have heard of Maxthon cloud my friend configured it to make it a google crawler not sure if it will work tho.

but other then that My school i.t guy has done a good job on the hole setup i'm only a new to this stuff but i know a fair bit so can you guys see any bypass in that setup?

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This forum is not meant for how to hack your school network, especially with questionable, lack there of, permission.

Unless you have signed consent/contract to a penetration test on this network to find potential flaws, such questionable/illegal acts are not to be discussed.

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