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LAN light not lighting up

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When i plug an ethernet cord into the PoE LAN port on the pineapple, the LAN light does not light up and my OS does not detect anything. If I plug into the WAN/LAN port, everything works as it should. I tried a hard reset with the little button but nothing seems to work. Is my pineapple broken?

HW: Mark IV

OS: Ubuntu 12.04 Live CD
Eth0 IP:

Wless IP: Handed out by Wifi Router

Physical Connection: USB powered by laptop and Ethernet from laptop to pineapple

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Some simple things to try:

Power the Pineapple with 12v DC from a mains adapter

Make sure that you have the latest firmware

Double check with a different computer and/or Ethernet lead

Hope this helps...

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Double checked, I'm running firmware 2.8.0. I tried a different power source and a different Ethernet cable with the same results.

when i plug it into the WAN port it lights up instantly which is making me think that the PoE/LAN port may just be jacked up or something...

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May be toast then. Is everything ok physically? Nothing obvious like bent contacts or fudge in the connecter?

Otherwise I'll have to deffer to someone with more Pineapple specific experience I'm afraid.

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