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If I put 2 Pineapple's in Tango can i forward with 2nd eth port?

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Hi I'm still trying to decide if i'm gonna buy a 2nd a Pineapple or something like an Odroid U2. I was wondering if I have 2 Pineapples in Tango through their PoE Lan ports is there any reason i can't use the 2nd ethernet port on the first one to forward all traffic to a Linux box (Kali) to run things like msf, ettercap, sslstrip or whatever else? And if I do utilize the Lan/Wan ethernet port will my Wifi Wan still function correctly? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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Think of all the Ethernet ports and WiFi cards as just building blocks you can configure anyway possible. The trick is, you will have to do some work to get things to function the way you like (No easy button).

OpenWRT (base Pineapple firmware) is just a slim version of Linux, so that should assist with some Google-Fu.

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Thank you for responding. I got no problem setting things up manually. I'm just having trouble deciding between 2nd Pineapple & Odroid U2. It seems like the PoE Lan ports are used for everything important so I don't want to order a second Hornet UB and find out I can use Tango or Forwarding to Kali but not both at the same time. I'm still pretty new to OpenWRT/Jasagar. Just learning as i go and trying to retain as much of the knowledge as possible.

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