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Usb to ethernet


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Hi All,

I purchased a digitech usb to ethernet adapter to provides some network connectivity to a tablet device.

All works ok.

Funny thing is the MAC for the ethernet device part of the adapter seems to change every time i power cycle the tablet.

Without getting too far into things, can anyone explain this...I'm trying to get my head around it...

I would have thought that the MAC for the ethernet wouldn't change...

Weird huh,, or am i missing something very obvious here?

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Not sure. I've got a USB to Ethernet cable laying around I picked up somehwere, but never actually tried to use it. I think it came with one of my first modems I bought becuase it had USB connectivity, but who wants to go straight to the lan side of the modem to a USB port on a PC. Think this was from win98 days. Its not a device though, mine is just an ethernet on one site with USB that plugs into a PC on the other end. Not even sure how it works or it the PC automatically recognizes it as a nic in any way shape or form...might just dig it out and see what the hell it does.

Can you link to the one you have though? Brand of cable/device? Might shed some light on the issue, find a manual online for the thing if it didn't come with one. Only thing I can think is tablets normally use wireless, and have their own mac address. Being that you are using USB, the device now has a "new" nic, or ethernet connection, so it might be trying to auto configure a mac in order to get online or connect witht he router or whatever you plug into. Check the package for the manual, in case it came with one though.

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