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Help Getting Started with Pineapple Mark IV


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I just got my Pineapple Mark IV today and am trying to get it set up with as few cables as possible. At the moment i'm just trying to get into the web interface for the first time and facing challenges. I attempted doing the Windows Ethernet Tethering but can't seem to get connected. I was originally trying to connect to the pineapple via wifi and the internet via ethernet but the best results i could get there was a looped redirect page. I attempted connecting the pineapple via ethernet and sharing the wifi signal and I am not having any luck there either. I would like to have the unit be mobile as i got the power pack as well. Would someone kindly offer some assistance? I have a linux box as well as a mac so just about any connection type would be great. Please help!

Using: Mark IV

System: Windows 7

Eth0 IP: (As instructed in Manual)

Wless IP: Handed out by Wifi Router (Sharing Enabled to LAN)

Physical Connection: USB powered by laptop and Ethernet from laptop to pineapple

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