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[Question] Ducky to Encrypted Android?

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I just sort of stumbled on the ducky, and was thinking how it would be a pretty useful device to have it around to use as an autotyper for android devices. Granted that when ADB is on you can just use monkeyrunner to type things, but in the case where there is no ADB connection, such as the encryption screen, would the ducky still work on that screen?

I don't have a connector to let me get a keyboard in there to test (assuming if the keyboard works ducky would), so just wondering if anybody had tested this? If so that is an almost auto buy for me just in the time it would save me day to day.

Actually another question this prompted from me, is that could you basically buypass the ducky and have a pc attached via usb act as a hid keyboard and send keystrokes in that method. Again the reason for this would be the encryption login screen.

Writing automation software, everything is great when adb is on, you can shell or monkeyrunner or whatever to the device, but on an phone that is encrypted, if you need to reboot in the automation, a person has to manually log in. If the software can just act as a keyboard and send the appropriate keystrokes to log in to the phone, that would be pretty amazing.

Even if that were not the case, having a ducky there to plug in real fast and automate a few steps would be really helpful, so given that it works I think I'm going to have to grab one personally and see if I could nudge them to buy a few.

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it will work as a keyboard to your android as long as your firmware for android will detect a USB keyboard, and you are using a proper OTG adapter. I have some adapters that only work for USB flash drives (not wireless cards) , and 1 that works for an alfa card.

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