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(Poll) Vote for a Mark IV Subforum for Questions

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There's a ton of questions being asked here and i've noticed that we don't have a subforum like the Rubber Ducky does, which is odd.

But yeah so vote to have a more managed question area. :)

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Yeah you're right Foxtrot. I wasn't thinking about the wiki when i replied. I was just commenting that it seems like the forum's like 90% questions, 10% other stuff. So for the purposes of not going back 50 pages and reorganizing the whole thing it would be easier just to make a subforum for 'Non-Questions'.

But any kind of forum organization always makes things easier to find. So my vote's always yes =]

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Why has the infusions folder been sub categorized?

Is there a new hardware platform coming. MK5

I was just messing about with categories. As Infusions wasn't really categorized I decided to give it a shot and see how it looks. Can then be applied to other sections.

In answer to this topic, I find it rather pointless. We could have a dedicated guides section - sure. But we would rather have people start using the wiki for this kind of stuff.

The forum is for discussion etc. If you want to put a guide / tutorial / other cool stuff up, please do so on the Wiki. We want to make the wiki a much more popular and streamlined place.

Finally, categorizing everything out there.. well, there isn't much of an upside for users and the mods have a lot more work on their hands.

Actually, we plan on removing the bugs / suggestions forum and making it link to our bugs / suggestions website. This will be done once it has a public facing side and doesn't require an account.

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