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Home VPN Proxy ?


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Hi everyone, new member.

Sorry if the was already asked but....

Say a person has broadband connection at their house.

And wanted to setup a home VPN proxy, so that they could tunnel securely from outside on the road with their laptop to some other remote internet website or ftp site.

[1] So all TCP/IP traffic is going through the tunnel !

[2] Laptop is running Windows 7

[3] Provided it can run on a OpenSUSE or CentOS home server.

What freeware apps/ steps would it take to get it going?

Already know about publicly available services, but want to run my *own* that only i have physical access to.

Hopefully app/service has a GUI with just a little command-line needed.

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You probably want to look at (last seasons?) ssh tutorials, you can use SSH as a socks proxy and tunnel all traffic.

I think thats the easiest and simplest solution.

If your after something that will work with mobile phones (like iPhone) you really looking at an IPSEC VPN (for best security) look at

  • racoon
  • strongswan
  • i think the pfsense firewall distro can do this? if not I know it can definitely use openvpn(ssl based vpn).

Otherwise other VPN options are using PTPP http://www.howtogeek.com/51237/setting-up-a-vpn-pptp-server-on-debian/

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