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Connect directly to home network

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I can't seem to find an answer to this question anywhere.. I'd like to connect my pineapple directly to my network via Ethernet cable... How can I do that? I'm guessing that I set the default gateway to be my home router's ip address ( right? What else would I have to change to get this working?

I'm running Windows right now - so please try to refrain from being Linux specific... I do have a few live cds around here, but I'd rather not at the moment.


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There are two ethernet ports on the pineapple. One is set to use DHCP and draw an IP address from your network. The other ethernet port is set specifically to So plug into the one with DHCP.

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WOW! I completely misread your question. Sorry about that. Must've not been paying attention and just saw connect and Windows. I'm editing that out so I only look stupid to the people that already read my answer. q=]

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