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BackTrack 5 USB Wi-Fi!


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Hello guys!

I have a question.

I have this idea. I want to have windows 7 as my host system and BackTrack 5 rt3 in VirtualBox becouse i want to be able to do windows stuff at the same time as i crack WPA2 networks and what ever.

The installation and all turns out great and isnt a problem. What sucks big donkey doe is that i cant seem to get my USB Wi-Fi working like i want in the VirtualBox. It all fucks up. It all works if i boot it from CD. It starts out all nice and dandy. I manige to select NETGEAR WNA1100 N150 as a bridged adapter. Then i select it in the USB filter also. Perfect. But then when im about to start BackTrack this comes:


and then when i press enter i can move on and enter the login and password. But then when im in.. I dont have a wifi adapter what so ever:


And my bridged adapter have changed to:

Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet

And then when i go back to windows to check if the wifi adapter works there atleast.. It isnt working at all, forcing me to re-install the usb wifi driver over and over again to do more attempts. But it does BEFORE trying to use it in BackTrack 5 rt3. Going fucking insane! I have tryid to fix this 2 days straight. At first it wasnt even possible to select it in "bridged adapters" to begin with.

But the fucked up thing is that, even doe it isnt working, its still connected to the usb. The adapter i meen.


I feel as if i have tryid everything. You guys are my last hope!


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Thanks man! Hmm.. Now i have been reading it threw. The solution is to change to another VMware then? Any sugestion of one that would work? :-)

If I remember correctly, the same issue was in VMWare at the time. You can try it though. All in all, you need to use a different chipset WiFi adapter. Sadly, it is the same problem with the Alfa AWUS036NHA.

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Im happy to say that i was finally able to fix it!


Install VMware, NOT VirtualBox.

And then when your in BackTrack if it fucks up: Pull out your USB device and put in back again a few times if needed!

Yeah, I figured VMWare would fix it well before VirtualBox. I personally do not like VMWare.

Also, why not Kali? :P Congrats.

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