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Gmail blocking messages


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I am working on my texting pineapple module and just started noticing that only about 10% of messages sent are being delivered. I thought this was just a problem with pinger until I tried it on my actual phone and had the same issue. I logged into gmail to be greeted with this:


from what I've read this is due to their new email authentication and that if you send an email from a third party source (the python script on the pineapple in this case) there is a chance that it will fail. Does anyone know how to disable this authentication or of any alternatives to gmail that allow you access to send email via smpt and receive it via imap? I am really not wanting to do a re-write of this whole module...

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Is it blocking them or sending to spam folder? It may be easier to code your own SMTP script.

The script is using the smtplib in python to connect to a gmail account and send a message out through there to the users sms gateway. And the part that is confusing me about this is that gmail is blocking the message in the send mail folder saying that is may not have been sent with the account. I might have to switch over to yahoo if there is nothing that can be done about this.

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This actually just got a little bit stranger.. It turns out that the message is being sent to the same gmail account that it was sent from and not to the correct destination. This used to work flawlessly when I first wrote it but it appears that gmail has had some updates since then.

EDIT: I just got a message to my phone that I sent hours ago

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