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cpu usage limit?


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Is there a way to limit the cpu usage of a process? I wanted to try a rainbowcrack on another machine, set it cracking its own password without anyone knowing.

Well, in theory no, but if you have the cpu usage up too high, the lag will be noticable to anyone using the box

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Has this ever brought about some really bad side effects? I played around with the priority level a couple times and each time it was never pretty.

I would adore something where I can set a default processor priority on apps on a server platform. Im sick of servers spending more time filtering pop3 spam than actually allowing smb traffic.

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well, priority would be easily noticed on someone's computer if they open the task manager and see 100%. Now, if it was 5% above normal no one would think much of it, and who cares about a process thats running a bit too long. This could be very useful if you have a buisiness or school's worth or passes to crack, especially if they don't turn their computers off......

EDIT:success, im writing the cmd file now that will copy the rainbowcrack and cpu limiter onto the hdd in a hidden system folder, take the hash, open rainbow crack, limit it to 5%, and email the pass to a specified email.

EDIT:Ok, Im almost finished. Currently my script opens rcrack silently using nircmd, cracks hashes in pass.txt, and doesn't output anything, and is limited to 5%.

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