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TCPdump how to sniff plain text credential


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Well actually I wanted to use TCPdump to sniff http credential but I never used tcpdump so I find that command all over the web:

tcpdump port http or port ftp or port smtp or port imap or port pop3 -l -A | egrep -i 'pass=|pwd=|log=|login=|user=|username=|pw=|passw=|passwd=|password=|pass:|user:|username:|password:|login:|pass |user ' --color=auto --line-buffered -B20

But it's not working on the pineapple so I was wondering what command are you using to run TCPdump and catch credential?


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How I do it is use tcpdump to cap every packet (as outlined in my tcpdump guide on the wiki). From there you can open the pcap file in wireshark and filter for POST. Not only do you get any and all plain-text passwords, but you can also see everything else. A full picture, instead of just the username/password.

http.request.method == "POST"


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