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DNS spoof problems


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i have updated my firmware to 2.8 and since then i cant use DNS Spoof.

I have setup all the config on the web interface and changed the redirect.php file to the one below.

$ref = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

if (strpos($ref, "facebook")){
header('Status: 302 Found');
header('Location: facebook.html');



in my opinion this should display the facebook.html page no matter what but i am just getting timeout errors.

am i going wrong somewhere???

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Did you put the correct html file in the /www/ folder with winSCP? I am actually working on that so if you need help just tell me.

You gonna need the correct html file and the correct php file. You have to put them on the /www/ folder through winSCP. But you will not have enough memory so you have to swap a USB dongle. And redirect one of your USB folder to the /www/ folder.

Use that command -ln -s /usb/phish/* /www/ btw I used /phish because that's the name of the folder I created you can make anything you want.

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