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Juice problem? (Airodump-ng)


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I tried to put 3 different wifi device into monitor mode to run airodump-ng

1. The wifi pineapple with a 5 dbi Antenna. Connected to the 10000mAh 5v 1a power bank

Found 1 AP

2. Alfa awus036h with a 14 dbi Antenna. Connected to a belkin F4u040 usb HUB powered by a 10000mAh 5v 2A.power bank

Found 3 AP

3. My laptop with BT5 and a random wireless card

5 AP

I supose it's a power problem, I will try right now to plug the pineapple into an AC adapter instead of the 10 000 mAh power bank and I will give you some feedback.

EDIT: fourth and fifth test:

4. Wifi pineapple connected through an AC adapter, full power on. 5 dbi Antenna
1 AP

5. Alfa Awus036h with a 14dBi antenna, connected to the usb port of Wifi pineapple.
3 AP

So well, I supose the problem is not the juice...............................

Wtf is wrong

Edit2: I will do one last test, the Alfa connected to the bt5 laptop......

Edit 3: Now I am piss.

The 14dbi antenna plugged in the bt5 laptop is getting 6AP....

What is wrong with the Pineapple why nothing seems to work on that machine.

PS: I noted that power management was on. I supposes it will work more efficiently if it was off. But it was ON on the pineapple too.

Any idea what is the purpose of power management and how to put it off?

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