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Anker 3E and the Pineapple mkIV


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Hi all,

I have a Pineapple mark IV that I would like to power using the Anker 3E batterypack. For some reason my USB to DC barrel cable does not work, I have tried different cables but to no avail. Does anyone have any experience with this setup. Anddoes any of you know if there is an adapter for the Anker's mini barrel jack to the 3.1mm that the MKIV uses?

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I have the Anker Astro3, not the 3E. the Astro3 9v/12v output <which is what I use to power my MKIV) uses an output cable that is identical to what the MKIV uses, its a one-to-one. When I'm using it with an MKIV I don't need any of the adapters for the 9v/12v, just the cable. very sweet.

The Astro 3 and Astro 3E are the same battery, but the non-E version has that 9v/12v goodness instead of 2 5v outputs.

Amazon sells a USB to Type M Cable, search for it on Amazon. cheap.

I can testify that the multi-voltage Astro 3 is a match made in heaven for the MKIV. I bought 3 of them. They're $49 at Amazon right now...I paid more and was happy. kn fact, I'm going to buy another right now. :)

seriously though, get a multi-volt Astro 3 and never look back, or buy the cable from Amazon.

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